Wow! November 13th was THE day!
I visited a big fish water for float-trolling that day. The first four hours passed without the slightest sign of a fish. At quarter past one a screaming break indicated fish action. It did not take long to realize that this was the fish I was waiting for. The pike measured 117 cm and the scales showed 12.3 kilos – mission accomplished!


Two hours later I saw my left paravan moving and the rod tip indicated another take. I striked instantly, followed by an unpleasant cracking sound. First time ever breaking a rod and I was into a good fish again. Pike no. 2 was smaller and netted after a quick fight. Admittedly 107 cm and 8.1 kilos were not bad either.

October full moon

No big autumn session this year but I managed to fish around the october full moon. The past two years the fishing around full moon i late autumn had been of great success. This year I caugt quite many fish but the biggest measured just 99cm. Wind from the north and sunshine slowed fishing down and destroyed my plans.
The last ten days were warm with plus temperatures even at night. Water temperature in the small lakes is currently at around 6 degrees and the big lakes still have 8-9 degrees.
Float trolling has so far delivered a few fish but the big one for this autumn is still missing.

river fishing for zander

Two weeks ago we went on a day trip to the Netherlands to fish for zander in a big river. We did not catch any giants but the numbers were pretty ok. Very strong winds around lunchtime made fishing almost impossible. While three of us caught around 35 fish together, there was one more guy catching around 35 himself!

Dingle Peninsula

Some of Europe´s most scenic places are found along the `Wild Atlantic Way´ in Ireland and the Dingle Peninsula is just one of them. This time I only took light spin fishing gear and waders with me as it was not an exclusive fishing holiday. The two books about fishing on the Dingle Peninsula, which I bought personally from Bob Moss a few years ago, were of big help. The Doonshean estuary and the small beach at Trabeg were luckily in short driving distance from our cottage. One of the most important things when it comes to sea fishing is a tidechart. Many spots do only deliver during certain times of the tide and if you´re not careful you might get trapped in small bays on a spring tide. A tidal range of around 4.5m around full moon is quite impressive and especially if all water goes through a narrow bottleneck like the channel at Doonshean. I did at least a few things right and ended up with almost a dozen sea bass, mullet and a couple of seatrout. Besides this I hooked up with coalfish, mackerel and whiting. A few fish were taken to the dinner table.

I meanwhile regret that I did not take my fly rod with me. The Anascaul river had plenty of water and both seatrout and salmon had probably climbed up to lough Anascaul.


  sea bass



   our local beach at sunset
  Dingle - even in late September a busy place
  a bar of silver
 sandeel - the bass like them
 Leo - a regular visitor to our cottage
 a must in Anascaul - the pub of the Antarctic explorer Tom Crean



Big success for our summer fishing-school! Even the youngest kids with zero fishing experience managed to catch perch and pike on spinning rod. During July perchfishing was on its top and has now signifcantly slowed down.  Today it´s raining, finally...



fly fishing in late June

Here a few pictures from a short trip to the Idre area at the end of June. 4 weeks ago there was still some snow left on the eastern flanks of Fulufjället. Meanwhile, after two months without significant rain, water levels in rivers and lakes are shocking low. The fishing was slow but still better than what it is now. Black streamers worked for perch while trout and grayling preferred nymphs, fished close to the bottom, on fast sinking leaders.
       Highlight of the day in central Malung! A 2-year old boy parked his BMW X6 in front of
       a supermarket...


Klarälven & the White Moose

What a trip to Klarälven! I finished the day with 3 brown trout and a couple of fairly decent sized grayling, i.e 30+. I had best fishing throughout the day with heavy weighted nymphs in deep fast flowing water. Around sunset big hatches of sedges could be observed and not to forget the pretty annoying biting midges and moskitoes. To my surprise there were hardly any surface-feeding fish.
And after sunset it got quite cold, compared to the weeks before. Maybe this slowed the hatching and feeding down? Another visiting angler to the river expressed some concern that the main insect hatches might  be over pretty soon. The last weeks were far too warm.
The highligt of the day was definitely not the fish I caught but a white moose that crossed the river just 25 m upstream from my position. There is also a video available.

hottest May ever

Pike fishing came to an abrupt end in May. Just 4 weeks after the ice had gone water temperature was up to 20 degrees. On top of this a blue sky and sunshine from 4 in the morning untill 10 in the evening. According to weather statistics the hottest and driest May month in the history.
I skipped the pike and fished for perch instead, with some occasional catches of pike and zander. Some spots held good numbers of fish and the keeping net could be filled within short time.
       kräftabborre - crustacean feeding perch
In the meantime the weather has changed to what is called `Swedish summer´. In three days it will also be possible to fully target on zander as the closed season will be over.

pike season kick-off

A small selection of meter pike from this week and the week before. This year I was too late and the main spawning season was already over. When I drove down to Karlstad on the 29th of April some of the waters in northern Värmland where still covered with ice. Only 10 days later the ice hade gone and the water temperature was between 8C in the main lake around 10C is shallow bays. During the first week water temperature varied around 4-6C but occasionally up to 8C. Yesterday´s pike from a local water was post spawned as well. The overall catch with 28 pike was a bit lower than expected but the 100+ fish did compensate.

springtime is carptime

Last weekend I visited Robban in Skåne for two days of carp fishing. The ice had just recently disappeared and it was still very early season. The chosen spot could not have been better for the time of the year. Strong winds were pushing warm surface water into a big bay. And it did not take long until my guide caught his first bream. So we knew that at least some fish were feeding. Besides two carp rods I opted for one pike rod with dead bait. In the end more than a 3 kilo pike did not show up. Carp wise the result can be summed up to: Germany 0 – Sweden 2 ! You might also call it modern age beats old school. Like the year before both fish were caught long after sunset. 

Thanks for a superb all-inclusive weekend! I´m afraid that next time it will be your turn again to take the pictures ;)



late March ice fishing

Thanks to local guide Marcel for choosing the right spot and not less to Fredrik for baitfish and a gorgeous lunch! Today I placed my rods totally wrong and did not get a single bite - damn! So I took the pictures instead. Two meter pike made their way through the ice this day. One of them liked the sunny weather so much that it striked again just an hour after its first release. Besides some smaller pike even a nice little zander was caught.

full moon

Out fishing last Saturday/Sunday and succesfully recovered from the recent defeat in Germany! Conditions were superb. A spell of warmer southwesterly winds of 8.5 degrees, water at 6.5 and on top of that a full moon! More and more I believe in the full moon theory. Not only that there is some scientific evidence. Last autumn I made similar experience, under similar conditions.
The total length of the top 5 was 478cm, so in average 95cm. The two top fish also exceeded the meter mark. In total 18 pike and one zander caught. All kinds of methods delivered: Float trolling with dead roach, Bull-Dawg trolling, and spin fishing.
        the two biggest of day 1 and 2

Mecklenburg Lakelands

In October we spent a couple of days in the north-east of Germany. The lake we fished is known to produce huge predators every year. Regarding the big number of anglers (compared to Sweden) it´s no surprise that from time to time a big one must show up. The fishing was very tricky as we did not expect the water being almost crystal clear. A big mistake, as I was told later by a local expert, was to spin-fish with coloured braid.
All in all we caught our fish and I have to admit that I got beaten by Sven in our internal competition. It was one lure that beat all other: the Zalt, colour F04! Spin fishing over some weedy places produced the majority of fish but the bigger ones were taken by trolling. Wind was almost essential for catching and we had many calm hours. To sum it up: A great holiday with lessons to learn and many new experiences! Somehow I totally missed taking pictures.
Besides the fishing we enjoyed a very relaxing stay in a wonderful cottage. Quite the opposite of what we normally choose for a fishing trip.
Our boat, der Wels, was a traditional 6,5m long fishing boat made of oak. Very stable and plenty of space to host vistiting friends and family.
The old champion is the new champion. A nice memory from a fishing trip around twenty years ago. That time Sven won by catching a bream. Hope its´s ok to post the pic?? :)

back on the water

The same spot and the same week as last year. No zander this time. Instead three pike and two of them meter fish! That´s meanwhile two weeks ago.
Last week we went for `back to the roots´ fishing from the canoe in the mountains. We also followed some local advice to go for migrating whitefish. The person who told us does not fish himself but his brother does and the story was convincing.The whitefish were supposed to enter a small woodland stream and the strategy was to catch them in darkness with a landing net and headlamp. Of course it did not work and we did not see a single fish but it was fun anyway.


Yesterday´s after-work session ended with two top fish of 104 and 112cm taken on jerk and BullDawg. Both fish were pretty slim so that I skipped the weighing. The weather is now stable with sunshine and temperatures around 20C. The watertemperature was at low 11C.
Fishing throughout last week had otherwise been very slow and a long journey to fish for river pike failed.
 BullDawg Double - fully inhaled

Norway Excursion

The excursion to Norway was a very special experience. I knew that the weather would not be what you normally wish for pike fishing. Sunshine from morning until evening, no clouds and temperatures exceeding the 20 degree mark. But that was ok for an excursion. Worse than this was the lack of water in both river and lake. The river was 1.4 m lower than normal and the lake some 1.7 m. The whole delta looked like a huge tidal area with vast sandbars. I had no clue where pike would go for the spawning business. Just sand an rock everywhere.
5 small pike made it to the net. All taken on jig at a very deep spot with prey fish close by. They were obviously lying close to the bottom with little activity as 3 of them were covered in leeches. The potentially biggest pike just touched the lure and followed it to the boat.
5 hours of trolling on Saturday did not bring any fish. Throughout the whole day I saw only one single boat. Perhaps because of no one really felt like launching a boat on a ramp without water? Let`s hope for some more water and I´ll be back!
The predicted sudden change to much colder and rainy weather became true on Sunday. When I launched the boat at 8 a.m. the thermometer showed 5.5 degrees. The water in the river was between 8-9 degrees. The lake was a little colder with 7.5

carp & tench

Thanks a lot for two successful guidings!
During a two night carp session together with Robban I caught 3 beautiful fish. Despite minus temperatures at night and occasional snow throughout daytime the carp were in feeding mode for a short period around sunset.

During an early morning session with Nisse a few days later I managed to catch a small tench. A cold-weather period had slowed down fishing remarkably.

a snowy Easter

April is pretty much up and down with the weather. 20 cm of snow and much colder temperatures changed the situation dramatically. There won`t be any Easter fishing in Värmland this year. Now it`s time for heading south. Skåne is always good for a surprise...

spin fishing

The ice on the smaller waters should be gone by next week. In the archipelago of lake Vänern temperature is around 5 degrees and catches of post-spawned fish are reported. The 100+ on the picture took a spin fished McRubber Tail at a drop-off with lots of prey fish around. The smelt started migrating up local rivers 2 weeks ago. When the smelt are gone and the spawning is over pike might hopefully be hungry again.

pike mayhem

Zero fish from our autumn spot to make a long story short. The next day I tried 30 km further south and what I experienced  was a total pike mayhem.23 pike within 10 hours of fishing! A real monster was missing though the biggest was at 8.7 kilo and 107cm. Two more fish of 99 respectively 98 cm and a couple of fish between 80 and 90 cm. I caught the first one after only 15 minutes of dead bait trolling. Later in the afternoon I switched from trolling dead roach and herring to Bulldawgs. I increased the trolling speed a little and the catching rate remained constant. But in the end it seems that the Bulldawgs deliverd slightly smaller pike than dead baits. Water temp increased throughout the day from 3 to 5 degrees. The warm weather period (3 days of around 14 degrees) is over now. This should stop the pike from spawning and the chance for a big one is still realistic.

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