vertical jigging - Västra Örten

Always make sure you know where you get off the bus in rural Sweden. Now as we finally picked up Emil we can head towards Västra Örten for some vertical jigging. Today’s the 31th. of August and it’s really chilly. Throughout the day we catch quite a few zander and even a pike. Most of the fish are taken from the well known spots at a depth of 7 meters. Water temperature is at around 17 degrees Celsius.

                                flexibility is all - a quick change to a "Relax" brings me this zander 

                                 Daniel playing a Västra Örten fish

But the biggest zander of the day is taken by Emil. Yes Emil, it's a zander - not a snapper!  Anyway, congratulations!



What’s work like at a fishing camp? What is essential for running a business successfully? In Fredros we were given the chance to find it out for a couple of days. Regarding the second question we got quite a few interesting suggestions. But concerning the first question, we should first define the term “fishing camp”. To my mind, Fredros is not a fishing camp! Sorry.


But we also got some fishing in a number of different waters bringing me pike on Jerkbait and fly. 

While trolling it was Louise showing Alex and me how to catch serious pike. The other boat with experienced trolling-angler Gustav finally beat us by the end of the day.


The guiding tours we arranged for some English guests were definitely a highlight of the week. It was nice to pass on some of your knowledge to people just started fishing.

modern fishing techniques

Vertical jigging, jerkbait fishing and trolling were the fishing methods we were presenting to members of Västra Örten fishing association. Especially the vertical jigging was quite new to many visitors. After a theoretical introduction into tackle and technique there was the chance for giving it a try on a guided tour. 


I went out with a seventy year old guy and his grandson. Their technique of presenting the lures was typical up and down “pimpel-style” as they were convinced that vertical jigging is ice fishing without ice. However, no fish but lots of fun.


...and not to forget coffee, burgers and swedish "grillkorv"!

first Klarälven pike

Mid August is probably not the best time for catching Klarälven pike. But it’s always worth trying as we found out today. Alex hooked a fish of 2 kilos close to the bank. Dropping water temperatures in autumn will hopefully liven things up.


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