springtime is carptime

Last weekend I visited Robban in Skåne for two days of carp fishing. The ice had just recently disappeared and it was still very early season. The chosen spot could not have been better for the time of the year. Strong winds were pushing warm surface water into a big bay. And it did not take long until my guide caught his first bream. So we knew that at least some fish were feeding. Besides two carp rods I opted for one pike rod with dead bait. In the end more than a 3 kilo pike did not show up. Carp wise the result can be summed up to: Germany 0 – Sweden 2 ! You might also call it modern age beats old school. Like the year before both fish were caught long after sunset. 

Thanks for a superb all-inclusive weekend! I´m afraid that next time it will be your turn again to take the pictures ;)



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