october update

The first and the second weekend in October I didn't have time to fish. But this weekend and the weekend before I once again visited lake Bunn. Although I never went home without a fish in the boat, the size of the pike could have been better - the big September-pike seemed to be disappeared...
Yesterday then, I decided to fish some shallow areas with jerkbait as the deeper areas only produced smaller fish. The two biggest pike of the day came on a 'Fatso'. Besides this I took six more - one on a trolled ShadRap, ther reamaining five on jig.
So far I haven't caught any zander and also the perch fishing might be something to focus on.

          autum has arrived to lake Vättern
                     no.1 on jerk
                     no. 2 on jerk
                     not that easy to take a pic of oneself...
                     late September

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