zander trolling

The zander trolling on Tuesday evening brought all together 5 zander (landed) and one bigger pike. The fishing was part of Gustaf`s project “zander trolling at different speed levels”. Most productive lure was again Nilsmaster but the optimum trolling speed is kept secret. Last but not least - thanks for the guiding!




                         highlight - front mounted engine!

Below you can find a link to the lake Run monster pike of 131cm



On Monday Sven and I got our first fishing trip on Glafsfjorden. We finished the evening with a nice perch, a pike and two zander. 


Originally we were planning some more fishing for today and tomorrow. But this morning we made a bad discovery. The engine is gone - stolen!

bye bye Falun

Time is over now in Falun. On Thursday we went trolling with Mathias for a few hours. The conditions for pike fishing are far from ideal right now. Air temperature is around 26 °C and the water measures around 20 °C in shallow bays. 5 small pike finally decided to take our Castaics and wobblers. On two evenings I had some fishing on my own. The biggest success was a 87 cm pike I got on my light jigging rod while fishing for perch.

If everything goes as planned I should have my first zander of the season by the end of next week. The Glafsfjorden- / Byälven system and some nearby lakes will be my fishing waters for the next two month.


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