Summer has arrived to Småland - blue sky and 25°C. The lake that seemed to be totally dead a few weeks ago is now coming to live. Big mayflies and sedges attrackt small fish and the bigger perches are following. Three of them landed on today's dinner table.
The big session with Robban three weeks ago was the worst fishing weekend of this year, probably for both of us. Before the weekend had only started lots tackle got stolen from Robban's house.
The Friday evening session: One baby pike for me. Saturday's greatest moment was coming home and opening a cold beer. Earlier that day my car and boat trailer got stuck in deep gravel on the boatramp at Svartån.
For Sunday we had planned the big deal. Trolling on Vättern! Lots of good advice and equipment from the hillbilly neighbour should do it. Fully motivated we put out our first rods at around 5.30 on Sunday morning. Robban had his first rod out and straight away he had fish on. Wow, what a start! Only a few seconds later it came off. Shit happens we thougt. Later we found out that the Berkley swivel we used as hookling had broken. Only minutes after this misury the sun raised behind Gränna mountain and for the next 9 hours nothing else should happen.
After that weekend I spent the following two weekends mainly on fixing my boat. After 3 days of polishing and waxing it lookes like new. Yesterday then the next desaster! Water in the engine oil - indication for a really big and expensive problem...Dalsland and Värmland will have to wait

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