Double Dawg Pounder & Co

Yet another pike taken on the Double Dawg Pounder. Also the smaller Double Dawg Magnum caught pike so far. Some of you might still be sceptical regarding the size but I am meanwhile fully convinced of these lures. On a recent trip I had all action on this lure. The smaller 20cm wobbler did not deliver at all. My theory so far: Due to their size the XXL lures are highly visible against the sky. It is a proper meal and the pike will raise even from very deep water to take it.

       Trolling over 25m depth and waiting for the pelagic pike to raise for an evening meal...


The weekend before midsummer I was in Idre, not only for fishing. The mountaintops were still covered in snow and insect hatches were close to zero. The evening fishing in a beautiful small stream gave no result at all. Instead conditions for pike fishing looked very promising. But fishing from a canoe with strong winds is no pleasure. So I gave up after two hours with at least one fish taken. The other day we cheated a bit to get a fish on the fly. Some locals recommended a very nice woodland lake with a stock of hungry rainbows.
       fascinating wildlife and a completely different landscape within a few hours drive from
       24h fishing is possible at this time of the year.


Second giant char for this year! No weight taken on this one as it was quickly released. The cold spring weather makes it possible to catch them still close to the surface. But with raising temperatures they will get more tricky to catch. Then it might be worth trying some perch fishing.

swedish carp

Last weekend I took a break. Not from fishing in general but from pike fishing. Instead I travelled to Skåne to meet up with Robban for some carp fishing. I was very impressed by the number of really good fish he had caught so far. So I ordered my carp tackle from Germany.  Everything was well prepared and conditions seemed very promising. In the end only one carp showed up for a photo shooting. Not a monster but a real beauty. A few hours before Robban had got into contact with a carp that was much bigger than mine. A perfectly bent rod, some headshakes and then slack line. Gone. However, my first swedish carp - mission accomplished. 


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