4 days in Värmland

Four days of fishing are over now. Four days of really poor fishing, regarding the number of fish caught. But not regarding size and species! On the first day with Christian and Fredrik we missed our target by only 6,5 cm.
The fishing on the lake was so bad that Christian proposed to fish the river on the following day. A great idea. But with the big boat? Please, no collission with a stone or sunken log! 'My guide' was well prepared and navigated us savely to potential hot spots. Christian hooked two pike that day but neither of them made it into the boat.
Around 3 o'clock then I got my chance. I took not long untill we had a 'Fatso-loving' pike in the net. 'Oh it's a pretty big pike', we thought. After measuring and weighing there was no doubt - this fish is huge!
Day 3 I spent with Gustaf and Petter. I was looking forward to some excellent jerkbait fishing. No big ones but big numbers. To make it short: no fish in the boat. Our fishing spots were known as safe and reliable in the past. There are lots of speculations why it was so poor...
Day 4, a break from pike fishing. Again, blue sky and sunshine all day long. Gustafs idea: Trolling for wild brown trout. Trolling is nice - let the boat do the job and enjoy the sunshine. Now we can say that his idea to focus on another species was just right. Gustaf hooked the first fish after 2.5 hours, close to the surface. Two hours later it was my turn to wind in a beautiful wild browntrout. Not too bad. The stories told by local people seemed to be true. But the illusive 5 kg trout is still somewhere out there. We'll be back!

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