Skåne - 2nd attempt

The originally planned icefishing trip with Robban got cancelled. Instead I travelled down to Skåne where we could fish in open water. Bank fishing with herring and roach - no boat, no plastic lures! To make a long story short: The pikefishing was so much better then I would have expected. Not least due to some pre-baiting and other guiding services. Thumbs up, you did pretty well Robban.

back on ice

Lots of small perch caught during pimple fishing on Saturday.
Sunday it was time again for pike fishing. At 11 o'clock I had already caught 5 esox, one of them was caught twice within half an hour. The quickest pike of the day took the baitfish instantly after dropping it into the icehole.

poor ice fishing

Only two small pike on Saturday that were released straight away. As a bonus I got surprised by two heavy snow storms. I had better days in the past...

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