1st. session 2017

One week after the sportfishing fair it was time for the first pike session on open water. Close to the boatramp there was some ice left indicating low water temperatures. The very optimistic start with spin fished rubber baits was given up after a while.
The change to float trolling did the trick. The first fish of the 2017 season was a 100+ ! Three more fish got netted that day. Two small and one little better pike. Water temp at 2 degrees. Back at the boatramp I met other pike anglers reporting 11 fish on spin taken cloth to the reeds.


Sportfiskemässan 2017

Season kick-off at the sportfishing fair in Jönköping! Some of the usual meet and greet, shopping lures, watching nice boats and the final of `fly vs. jerk 8´.
       2nd. victory in a row for CWC
This winter I skipped icefishing and focussed on some more challenging winter sports. Next weekend we are planning the first fishing trip on open water. The plan is to fish a spot that proved to be good for post-spawn pike in recent years. The chance is fifty / fifty but with the option for a better one. We are aiming for spinfishing with rubber lures but most likely we are going to end up float trolling.
pike toys

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