Right now there is hardly any chance for good fishing. Weak ice on  all lakes and the salmon fishing in Vättern is always a big gamble. So I decided to visit Svartån (the black stream) in Tranås. One small pike and lots of rain and snow.

the small final

Plus temperatures throughout the whole day and it is going to continue the next week. The spontaneous decision for a final session was rewarded with 3 pike (2.5, 3.5, 3.8) within 30 minutes, on 3 different rods . No monsters but much bigger than the ones from my float trolling sessions. Hmm, Vättern next weekend?

pike fishing

Last weekend even in Småland the ice was strong enough for the first icefishing trip. I choosed a lake that is well known for its big zander. Today, after my third session I'm still without a zander. No problem - I a caught a couple of nice pike. The photo above shows a 4.5 kilo fish from todays session. Last weekend I could not take pictures at all - minus temperatures and extreme winds had otherwise caused frostbite to the fishes within seconds. And that's not worth it! The biggest  predator from last weekend of around 7 kilos was directly returned.

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