pike fishing

Last weekend even in Småland the ice was strong enough for the first icefishing trip. I choosed a lake that is well known for its big zander. Today, after my third session I'm still without a zander. No problem - I a caught a couple of nice pike. The photo above shows a 4.5 kilo fish from todays session. Last weekend I could not take pictures at all - minus temperatures and extreme winds had otherwise caused frostbite to the fishes within seconds. And that's not worth it! The biggest  predator from last weekend of around 7 kilos was directly returned.

Postat av: Gustaf

Verkar vara bättre isar söderut nu. Kanske blir att jag får komma ner snart!

Svar: +3° ... nu är det snart slut med ismete :(

2014-02-02 @ 00:17:27

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