another meter

This time it was Louises’ turn to take a 100+  - her personal best so far. Congratulations! All other fish we caught unfortunately measured less than 75 cm.  Nevertheless there is big fish reported by our guests every day. Today a group of 3 people took three 100+ . 


Hopefully we manage to fish more than three hour periods pretty soon. But for the time invested we’re doing quite well, not least due to a 100 hp engine.                


A real monster pike was caught by a guest from Poland a few days ago. Hope I can give you a link to the picture pretty soon. I’m not telling you the length yet but this fish is the current camp record!

Argos Active - Falun

My first fishing day at lake Runn proved to be quite o.k. - honestly speaking you can't have a better start. Fishing over 2 m deep water my Fatso jerkbait was taken by a decent pike. The measure finally showed 110 cm. But nevertheless the first fish for our boat was taken by Louise. A small pike couldn't resist her trolled Westins.  I took another small one on a Zalt before going home after 2,5 hours of fishing and lots of rain.

We're hoping for many more fish to come within the next weeks.

trolling - lake Vänern

Today we spent a day trolling on Vänern. Before leaving Forshaga tomorrow there are still a thousand things I need to do. So it's pictures instead of text!


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