Igelsbachsee part 2

Now I can say that my carp fishing plans were far too optimistic. My project "30-pounder" failed! The prebaiting of my fishing spot was fortunately not completely useless. Three mirror carp (22,  17.5, and 6 pounds) and two bream (4.5 and 4 pounds) made it finally to the landing net. It was raining all day long and on the way back to my car I got the final 'shower'.
       first fish of the day - also the biggest
       waiting for the next run - carp fishing can be soooo boring...
       bream from the weeds

midsummer carping

It was a good decision not to go predator fishing this weekend. The hot weather of the last couple of days raised the water temperature to over 20° C. At quarter past five this morning my carp fishing session started. Twelve hours later it was over. The result: two mirror carp, 21 and 27.5 pounds, both taken on a halibut pellet.
  view over Igelsbachsee
   pittoresk fishing spot
  Nash Fishery Roadshow, June 14-16th. 2013 close to my home
 beautiful Bavaria - more than just beer :-)

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