happy ending

Last Friday I spent my last fishing day in Värmland. Despite bright sunshine and fishing around midday I took a decent pike from the top of a plateau. Again it was the silver/blue 4Play that proved to be successful. The lake was only one out of almost a hundred you find in and around Glaskogen Nature Reserve.


          Not only the guiding but also the catering this day was perfect - thanks to Mr. Diesner!

topwater fishing

If you’re looking for some breathtaking fishing in high summer all you need is a couple of topwater lures. We had lots of fun fishing poppers of all sizes. It’s always a surprise what species and what size of fish will break through the surface - from a perch being slightly bigger than the lure to a stunning 102cm pike inhaling an 8cm popper.

The numerous small and even tiny woodland lakes around Stömnegården are pretty much suitable for that kind of fishing. The biggest fish nevertheless came from Glafsfjorden. The same water also brought Sven a hard-fighting asp yesterday. Not too bad!


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