summer pics

A couple of pictures from this summers' coarse fishing. Meanwhile the tropical heat (up to 38°) is over and the first trees are already changing their colour. Autumn, with some more promising fishing is not too far away.






a few days in Värmland

„What a start!“ The first fish got hooked after just 10 minutes of trolling on Glafsfjorden together with Gustaf. But this also remained the only one for the next 3 hours.
The next day I went on an evening tour with Sven. Stömnesjön has always been a reliable spot to get into contact with some medium sized pike. That evening brought only one fish for my boat partner.

Although knowing a couple of good spots in the area we tried out a completely new woodland lake that was recommended to us. Fishing pressure there was close to zero. Maybe because of the lack of fish? Anyway, we took one pike on popper, one one jig and lost a third one.

Another day on Glafsfjorden a german guiding guest took 2 small zander on Nilsmaster. Our overnight session with deadbait failed totally.



Unfortunately fishing time was pretty much limited. But as we all know: There is more in fishing than catching fish!



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