pimpel fishing

Pimpel instead of pike was my major interest throughout the last couple of days. And sometimes it payes off as you can see below.


At Skutberget last Saturday we primarily enjoyed the wonderful sunshine. We just took some 7 perch within 4 hours of fishing. The enormous dimensions of lake Vänern made one feel a little lost.
Cloudy and windy weather on Wednesday finally brought us amusing fishing at Skoghall. Apart from perch we mainly hooked smelt on our mormyschkas and little spoons. Even two ruffes and a bream showed up. The smelt were more than welcome as our baitfish stocks are almost finished.

This weekend we targeted lake Visten. The fish were extremely difficult to spot. They tended to be spread over vast areas. No ice hole produced more than two fish. All in all we did not hit the jackpot but it was nice fishing anyway.

                                 all you need - pimpel rod for some 6 euros!

Postat av: Gustaf

Nice perch Claus! How much did it weigh?

2011-02-06 @ 19:48:34
Postat av: angling.blogg.se

close to 1 kg

2011-02-07 @ 13:22:31

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