Vättern shore fishing

Now I've found another interesting fishing challenge. Fishing for salmon and char from Vättern's rocky shore. Just rod, net and rucksack! My first visit to the area around Hästholmen was not successfull. When arriving at the spot there where only two other anglers. An hour later there were roughly 12 people in the area, occuping the best spots. I got really p...ed off as I turned around and less than ten meters away a guy started fishing. Not even asking if I would mind!
At the end of the day I observed only one angler taking a fish, closely before sunset - that was it! The water is still too warm as I got told later.
        beautiful coastline but also dangerous to fish
Last week I tried my luck just 10 minutes away from my home, always for an hour around sunset. On Wednesday I got the first contact on a bombarda-fished fly. But I did not hook it properly...
         never without flotation suit / lifejacket
Besides this the Vättern char are now coming into the harbours of Husvarna and Gränna for their spawning. Lots of spectators are watching them from the pier. After some rainfall even Röttleån should now get its annuall trout-run. I observed two fish of around 2 pounds last Saturday.
         Röttleån south of Gränna
Last but not least I had to test-run my new Minn Kota on a quick vertical fishing trip. 5 pike, the biggest not more than 60 cm. Next weekend I might try a new fishing water. Perhaps float trolling...
         massive clouds of prey fish - but where do the big ones hide?


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