grayling in Norway

Four years ago we tried some fly fishing for grayling in river Storån and Grövlan, northern Dalarna. The fishing that time proved to be really poor so that we decided to test a new water this autumn - the Glomma in Norway. In six and a half fishing days we caught between 80 to 100 grayling alltogether. Unfortunately we had to invest lots of time in finding good fishing spots. The spots close to the official car parks face continious fishing pressure by lazy fishermen. Legal fishing methods are also spinning and float fishing with maggot, worm and other. But nevertheless the river still holds a good stock of grayling. And 250 NOK for a week are not bad either.
        Glomma we're coming
        casting into the wind

        one fish made it finally to the dinner table
        can there be a more beautiful scenery to play a fish?
        despite a very low water level wading can be extremely dangerous
        time for a quick snack
        checking the insect life
         yes, netted!
        45 +  well done
        the final fish of a superb fly fishing trip - Glomma rules!


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