Skåne & Värmland

It is meanwhile 3 weeks ago that I fished together with Robban in Skåne. The Sunday morning session with only one jack pike for my fishing friend was quite slow. The next day at lake Tydingen I had the chance to take the lead in our small fishing competition but failed to hook 2 fish. After a fish in the afternoon Robban took three pike in a row on his spinnerbait and let no doubt about who would have to pay the pizza that day. Last but not least thanks a lot for accomodation during our fishing trip.
       relaxed fishing from a big casting deck
       Robban "the kannibal" taking a break
       he did it again
Two days later I already met with Gustaf for a quick fishing trip to Nysockensjön. The result after 7 hours of fishing was much better than I would have expected before. All in all 2 perch (top at 1.04kg), 5 zander and 6 pike (top at 99 cm). The funny thing was that Gustaf not only took the biggest fishes but also the most. But by the end of the day I finally recognized that I got probably beaten by his jigging technique. The last 20 minutes with the proper technique I managed to take 2 small zander in a row. Thanks for the fishing lesson :)
        1.04 kg
        99 cm


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