Vättern - oldscool delivers

On Saturday I got invited to a spontaneous tour on lake Vättern. Char fishing, the traditional way!
Believe it or not, there is more fish in Vättern than you might think. It's all about the right method, and lots of local knowledge. Four fish in the boat, top at 55 cm. The fishing was not so good this day I was told... but I was more than happy.
         prototype of a modern downrigger? check out the little bell!
         Mikael with the biggest of the day
        lures made in Gränna
         a must - prawn on the treble hook
Although this method is not regarded as 'sport fishing' I think there is more sport in it than trolling 10 rods with electronical downriggers, planerboards, sonar, GPS, autopilot etc. There are definitely lots of things I can adapt to my style of fishing. Thanks for the lesson!


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