2 days in Pike Mekka

Last weekend Robban and I visited one of Sweden's most famous pike fishing waters. The first evening we slipped the boat and prepared everything for an early start on Saturday. We shared the place with lots of crazy fishermen who had travelled from far away places to pike fishing Mekka. The first information we got was not very promising: the fishing had been very slow throughout the past two weeks. Nevertheless a pike of 12.5 kg was caught on Friday. Our first spot on Saturday morning was the 'bream bay' where I enjoyed excellent fishing three years ago. After two hours of fishing Robban had one follower. That was all.
On the way to our next spot we met some other pike fisher who could not believe that we are spinfishing and not trolling. Only five minutes later Mr. Kannibal hooked a pike of 6.06 kg.
Then the sun came out for the rest of the day and no more fish showed up. Some trolling guys  we met in the evening had caught 3 fish up to 5 kg, with six rods within almost 12 hours. Not good at all.
Sunday was really awful with rain, wind and a temperature of 4°.  We saw only two other boats out fishing. The best proof for very bad fishing. In the early afternoon we surrendered. We fished hard but no more fish showed up. After we had changed clothes and enjoyed a cup of tea in the warm cottage the rain stopped. Time to go home. Tack för en trevlig helg!


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