10 days in Värmland #3

Great fishing continued. But this day we changed tactics to trolling. The lake was too big and fish could be standing anywhere.
             caught on a trolled Cisco Kid at the edge of a plateau
We were more than lucky with the weather. Only three hours of fishing in the rain. On day 5 the fishing slowed down a bit. On monday morning we replaced our big lures by small wobblers to try some trout fishing. After six hours we decided to go home for a cup of coffee. The trout were obviously not in the right mood. The pike fishing on late afternoon was very slow as well. But at least one fish showed up over 25 meter deep water.
The following day I took a pike on my biggest lure. The Double Dawg Pounder was swallowed by a 8 kilo pike.

             Double Dawg Pounder swallowed by a 8 kilo pike


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