pike mayhem

Zero fish from our autumn spot to make a long story short. The next day I tried 30 km further south and what I experienced  was a total pike mayhem.23 pike within 10 hours of fishing! A real monster was missing though the biggest was at 8.7 kilo and 107cm. Two more fish of 99 respectively 98 cm and a couple of fish between 80 and 90 cm. I caught the first one after only 15 minutes of dead bait trolling. Later in the afternoon I switched from trolling dead roach and herring to Bulldawgs. I increased the trolling speed a little and the catching rate remained constant. But in the end it seems that the Bulldawgs deliverd slightly smaller pike than dead baits. Water temp increased throughout the day from 3 to 5 degrees. The warm weather period (3 days of around 14 degrees) is over now. This should stop the pike from spawning and the chance for a big one is still realistic.


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