Norway Excursion

The excursion to Norway was a very special experience. I knew that the weather would not be what you normally wish for pike fishing. Sunshine from morning until evening, no clouds and temperatures exceeding the 20 degree mark. But that was ok for an excursion. Worse than this was the lack of water in both river and lake. The river was 1.4 m lower than normal and the lake some 1.7 m. The whole delta looked like a huge tidal area with vast sandbars. I had no clue where pike would go for the spawning business. Just sand an rock everywhere.
5 small pike made it to the net. All taken on jig at a very deep spot with prey fish close by. They were obviously lying close to the bottom with little activity as 3 of them were covered in leeches. The potentially biggest pike just touched the lure and followed it to the boat.
5 hours of trolling on Saturday did not bring any fish. Throughout the whole day I saw only one single boat. Perhaps because of no one really felt like launching a boat on a ramp without water? Let`s hope for some more water and I´ll be back!
The predicted sudden change to much colder and rainy weather became true on Sunday. When I launched the boat at 8 a.m. the thermometer showed 5.5 degrees. The water in the river was between 8-9 degrees. The lake was a little colder with 7.5


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