Mecklenburg Lakelands

In October we spent a couple of days in the north-east of Germany. The lake we fished is known to produce huge predators every year. Regarding the big number of anglers (compared to Sweden) it´s no surprise that from time to time a big one must show up. The fishing was very tricky as we did not expect the water being almost crystal clear. A big mistake, as I was told later by a local expert, was to spin-fish with coloured braid.
All in all we caught our fish and I have to admit that I got beaten by Sven in our internal competition. It was one lure that beat all other: the Zalt, colour F04! Spin fishing over some weedy places produced the majority of fish but the bigger ones were taken by trolling. Wind was almost essential for catching and we had many calm hours. To sum it up: A great holiday with lessons to learn and many new experiences! Somehow I totally missed taking pictures.
Besides the fishing we enjoyed a very relaxing stay in a wonderful cottage. Quite the opposite of what we normally choose for a fishing trip.
Our boat, der Wels, was a traditional 6,5m long fishing boat made of oak. Very stable and plenty of space to host vistiting friends and family.
The old champion is the new champion. A nice memory from a fishing trip around twenty years ago. That time Sven won by catching a bream. Hope its´s ok to post the pic?? :)


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