Klarälven & the White Moose

What a trip to Klarälven! I finished the day with 3 brown trout and a couple of fairly decent sized grayling, i.e 30+. I had best fishing throughout the day with heavy weighted nymphs in deep fast flowing water. Around sunset big hatches of sedges could be observed and not to forget the pretty annoying biting midges and moskitoes. To my surprise there were hardly any surface-feeding fish.
And after sunset it got quite cold, compared to the weeks before. Maybe this slowed the hatching and feeding down? Another visiting angler to the river expressed some concern that the main insect hatches might  be over pretty soon. The last weeks were far too warm.
The highligt of the day was definitely not the fish I caught but a white moose that crossed the river just 25 m upstream from my position. There is also a video available.


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