winter´s end

The explanantion for the lack of reports throughout the last couple of month is simple: This winter I skipped the ice fishing and went skiing instead!
Four and a half month have gone since the last fishing trip on open water. On Tuesday I went float trolling and spin fishing. The afternoon session ended with 7 fish and a top of 102cm. Yesterday morning I drove to a water I was so excited to fish but found it still frozen. No matter, as the alternative I chose delivered quite well. The second meter fish for this year and a 90+ in addition.
The water is still cold (4 degrees). In the early hours of the morning you might find even bigger waters covered with a thin layer of ice. In a big spawning bay I had one follower on a tailbait. Otherwise no signs of pike in the shallows so far. But the most annoying thing we are struggling with at the moment are very strong winds. 



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