Yesterday´s after-work session ended with two top fish of 104 and 112cm taken on jerk and BullDawg. Both fish were pretty slim so that I skipped the weighing. The weather is now stable with sunshine and temperatures around 20C. The watertemperature was at low 11C.
Fishing throughout last week had otherwise been very slow and a long journey to fish for river pike failed.
 BullDawg Double - fully inhaled

Norway Excursion

The excursion to Norway was a very special experience. I knew that the weather would not be what you normally wish for pike fishing. Sunshine from morning until evening, no clouds and temperatures exceeding the 20 degree mark. But that was ok for an excursion. Worse than this was the lack of water in both river and lake. The river was 1.4 m lower than normal and the lake some 1.7 m. The whole delta looked like a huge tidal area with vast sandbars. I had no clue where pike would go for the spawning business. Just sand an rock everywhere.
5 small pike made it to the net. All taken on jig at a very deep spot with prey fish close by. They were obviously lying close to the bottom with little activity as 3 of them were covered in leeches. The potentially biggest pike just touched the lure and followed it to the boat.
5 hours of trolling on Saturday did not bring any fish. Throughout the whole day I saw only one single boat. Perhaps because of no one really felt like launching a boat on a ramp without water? Let`s hope for some more water and I´ll be back!
The predicted sudden change to much colder and rainy weather became true on Sunday. When I launched the boat at 8 a.m. the thermometer showed 5.5 degrees. The water in the river was between 8-9 degrees. The lake was a little colder with 7.5

carp & tench

Thanks a lot for two successful guidings!
During a two night carp session together with Robban I caught 3 beautiful fish. Despite minus temperatures at night and occasional snow throughout daytime the carp were in feeding mode for a short period around sunset.

During an early morning session with Nisse a few days later I managed to catch a small tench. A cold-weather period had slowed down fishing remarkably.

a snowy Easter

April is pretty much up and down with the weather. 20 cm of snow and much colder temperatures changed the situation dramatically. There won`t be any Easter fishing in Värmland this year. Now it`s time for heading south. Skåne is always good for a surprise...

spin fishing

The ice on the smaller waters should be gone by next week. In the archipelago of lake Vänern temperature is around 5 degrees and catches of post-spawned fish are reported. The 100+ on the picture took a spin fished McRubber Tail at a drop-off with lots of prey fish around. The smelt started migrating up local rivers 2 weeks ago. When the smelt are gone and the spawning is over pike might hopefully be hungry again.

pike mayhem

Zero fish from our autumn spot to make a long story short. The next day I tried 30 km further south and what I experienced  was a total pike mayhem.23 pike within 10 hours of fishing! A real monster was missing though the biggest was at 8.7 kilo and 107cm. Two more fish of 99 respectively 98 cm and a couple of fish between 80 and 90 cm. I caught the first one after only 15 minutes of dead bait trolling. Later in the afternoon I switched from trolling dead roach and herring to Bulldawgs. I increased the trolling speed a little and the catching rate remained constant. But in the end it seems that the Bulldawgs deliverd slightly smaller pike than dead baits. Water temp increased throughout the day from 3 to 5 degrees. The warm weather period (3 days of around 14 degrees) is over now. This should stop the pike from spawning and the chance for a big one is still realistic.

1st. session 2017

One week after the sportfishing fair it was time for the first pike session on open water. Close to the boatramp there was some ice left indicating low water temperatures. The very optimistic start with spin fished rubber baits was given up after a while.
The change to float trolling did the trick. The first fish of the 2017 season was a 100+ ! Three more fish got netted that day. Two small and one little better pike. Water temp at 2 degrees. Back at the boatramp I met other pike anglers reporting 11 fish on spin taken cloth to the reeds.


Sportfiskemässan 2017

Season kick-off at the sportfishing fair in Jönköping! Some of the usual meet and greet, shopping lures, watching nice boats and the final of `fly vs. jerk 8´.
       2nd. victory in a row for CWC
This winter I skipped icefishing and focussed on some more challenging winter sports. Next weekend we are planning the first fishing trip on open water. The plan is to fish a spot that proved to be good for post-spawn pike in recent years. The chance is fifty / fifty but with the option for a better one. We are aiming for spinfishing with rubber lures but most likely we are going to end up float trolling.
pike toys


20 cm of ice in Dalarna - time for ice fishing! After 3 hours in snowstorm and -4C the dinner was save.

pike fishing books

Last week I enjoyed the last boat fishing for this year with minus degrees throughout the whole day.
Now I`ve found some other fishing related things to keep me busy. I received a package from Wales. Meanwhile the third one in recent years. Again fishing literature from Coch-y-Bonddu Books the number one address for new and out-of-print books. It`s all about pike this time. Lots of rather old stuff from the 80ies and 90ies focussing on pike fishing in the UK. Neville Fickling, Mick Brown and others should be an inspiration for future pike fishing attempts.

autumn fishing week

What a start into the meanwhile traditional autumn fishing week! I already arrived on Sunday morning and tested a quite unknown spot. Expectations were low and the camera was left in the car. After only six hours I finished for the day. The best fishing of the whole season so far! The plan was to save the spot for the upcoming days.
But the fishing became slower and slower. At the beginning of the week, morning and evening proved to be very productive. Lures, preferably very big ones, fished down to 5 m delivered quite well. The last day we had to go deep - very deep. All bigger fish seemed to be lying on the bottom. Luckily Robban brought some frozen herring with him that would save the day. One fish cracking the 1m mark took at 10m depth, at a trolling speed of 0.5 knots.
Thanx for cooking and dishwashing, Robban ;)
Only two days after the trip temperatures dropped to subzero. A very early taste of winter with ice and snow destroyed all further autumn fishing plans so far.

day trip to the Netherlands

What a start into the day - ready packed at 5 a.m. and our driver does not show up. In the end we reach our spot, a very huge river, with a sligth delay of 1.5 hours.
It was my very first time spin fishing in such a huge river, with approximately 5 times the water flow of Klarälven! We finished the day with alltogether  8 zander, 2 nice perch and a barbel. The biggest fish of the day got finally lost after 10 minutes of fighting. The catfish of estimately 180 cm finally cut the fluorocarbon leader.
As none of us fished the spot before and despite conditions (water level) being far from good the result was pretty ok. 

Norra Dalarna

Even in northern Dalarna autumn had not fully arrived until last week. Temperatures of almost 20 degrees made at least hiking in the mountains a real pleasure. The fishing was not the very best. At least I got the chance to fish 2 spots I have always wanted to fish. An estuary and another place at a fish farm. The pike below took a BullDawg on my musky rod. Whenever a fish strikes your Super Magnum you are expecting a giant. Well, another prove that even medium-sized pike do not fear big lures.
Now I am waiting for a positiv sign from the Netherlands. The plan is to spinfish for zander and pike in a big river.

autumn is close

Beautiful late summer with lots of sunshine and water temperatures finally down to 15 degrees. The Sunday afternoon trip ended with 3 zander on jig and two pike on jerkbait. Pretty soon it`s time for a discovery travel to Dalarna. At least on the satellite picture it looks promising.Other people use to fish grayling and trout in the area. Let`s see...
       This summer I had 3 pike attacks on my paravans. One of them even left a bite mark!

Summer Fishing School

In July and August I am giving some fishing lessons. These two guys listened very well to their teacher and caught a pike cracking the magical 1 meter mark. Probably the highlight of their summer holiday.
The courses address to anybody with little or no fishing experience at all. Kids and families are very welcome.The intention of the courses is more than `just´ catching fish. How do I set up a fishing rod properly? How to spot fish? How do I handle my catch? Moreover we would like to give some valuable advice to get started with your fishing.

night trolling

The overnight trolling session last week was rewarded with a nice zander. The fish was caught at 4:30 am, just a few minutes after sunrise. Right now it`s awfully hot with water temperatures above 20 degrees.

the bigger the lure...

...the bigger the fish. Normal size wobblers (20cm) delivered numbers but no quality on recent fishing trips. So it was time again for some BullDawg fishing. Although it was a rather slim pike it exceeded the magical meter. Water temperature is now above 15 degrees and remains high even when air temperatures drops a lot.

disastrous spring in northern Värmland

Yes, I´m still fishing, but....
The spring fishing in northern Värmland was extremely bad. I focussed too much on one of the big lakes. While anybody else was fishing for burbot and zander I was the only one fishing 100% pike. Even some warm and sunny spells did not activate the fish. The over 70m deep lake does have its own rules.
Another thing that irritates me a lot is the very peaty water in most of the lakes. But now I´ve finally found a lake that is much clearer  and that even delivered pike on the third cast.
Summer will finally arrive within the coming days!
       beautiful but not that fishy

10 days in Värmland #4

On Wednesday we had some diffiuculties to reach our fishing spot. Fog all over the lake. After the fog had disappeared it was sunny and completely windstill. The spinnfishing with Gustaf that day did not deliver a single fish.

The last days we focussed mainly on the deeper areas outside some bigger spawning bays.
          the last  100+ of the trip
...but where is "The 3rd. Man" ? Well, he was not seen in the boat that often. But Sweden has so much more to offer than pike fishing :)

10 days in Värmland #3

Great fishing continued. But this day we changed tactics to trolling. The lake was too big and fish could be standing anywhere.
             caught on a trolled Cisco Kid at the edge of a plateau
We were more than lucky with the weather. Only three hours of fishing in the rain. On day 5 the fishing slowed down a bit. On monday morning we replaced our big lures by small wobblers to try some trout fishing. After six hours we decided to go home for a cup of coffee. The trout were obviously not in the right mood. The pike fishing on late afternoon was very slow as well. But at least one fish showed up over 25 meter deep water.
The following day I took a pike on my biggest lure. The Double Dawg Pounder was swallowed by a 8 kilo pike.

             Double Dawg Pounder swallowed by a 8 kilo pike

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